September 7, 2016 Meeting Highlights

Location: the pool view room in the second floor of Khaleej Sports Club.

Time: 7:45-9:45 pm

Saihat Toastmasters Club conducted its regular bi-weekly meeting last Wednesday. TM Ismail Salman was the Toastmaster of the day. His theme was: Toastmasters, for Who? The Grammarian, TM Ahmad Alhadab,  presented the word of the day “Attain”.

Two guests of honor were present in the meeting as well: TM Sayed Adnan, Area 51 Director, and the experienced toastmaster, TM Syed Faizulla,  who conducted an educational session from the Successful Club Series about the Club Moment of Truth.

Club president, TM Mohammed Zayer, starts the meeting and welcomes members and guests.
TMOD, TM Ismail Salman, energetically talks about the meeting theme.
Timer, TM Mohammed Khazzal, explains his role.
Grammarian, TM Ahmad Alhadab, explains his role.
TM Jamal Al-Radhi explains his role as an Ah/vote counter
TM Mohammed Zayer explains his GE role in the meeting

Prepared Speeches Segment:


TM Murtadha Abdulmohsen delivers his CC 2 of the competent communication manual
TM Mohammed Mubarak delivers his 1st project of the advanced manual, persuasive speeking.
TM Mohammed Mubarak (right) and TM Mohammed Hakeem (left) performing a role play for the advanced project.

Educational Session Segment:

Area 51 Director, TM Sayed Adnan, talks about the importance of the educational sessions for Toastmasters clubs
TM Syed Faizulla presents the Moment of Truth educational session of the successful club series.

Table Topics Segment:

TTM, TM Mustafa AlKhalaf, explains the table topics segment to members and guests.
TM Mahmoud Alsaif answers his table topics question
TM Sayed Adnan imitates the Hulk from the Avengers movie to answer his table topics question
TM Ahmad Alhadab listens to his table topics question from TM Mustafa AlKhalaf

Evaluation Session:

TM Ahmad Darwish evaluates TM Mohammed Mubarak project’s delivery
TM Ahmad Alhadab presents the Grammarian report
TM Hussain Alnasser, TTE, evaluates the Table topics participants delivery.
The Ah counter report by TM Jamal Al-Radhi

Announcing the Winners:

Best speaker is TM Murtadha Abdulmohsen
Best Table topics participant is TM Sayed Adnan
Best Evaluator is TM Hussain Alnasser

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Until next time, we wish you all the best.


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