Everybody Communicates, Few Connect (MasterMind)

Saihat Toastmasters Club started a series of MasterMind group facilitated by DTM Mohammed Zawad with the title “Everybody Communicates, Few Connect.

It is the first time that Saihat Toastmasters Club presents this type of activity, MasterMind, where the facilitation and discussions are the pillars of the workshop (program) success. Last night was the first session out of 8 which will be distributed on monthly basis.

It is worth mentioning that Saihat Toastmasters Club has been conducting workshops on several subjects in the past years with the objective of sharing knowledge and serving the community with the best ways it can.

As always, we are privileged to have our meetings and events conducted in Khaleej Sports Club in Saihat.

Some photos of the event last night:

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Upon Determined People, Determination Will Be

Four Contest Categories with equal fierce competition.. But Saihat Toastmasters Club came back with nothing but Gold and Silver.

In March 17, 2017, Division Q of District 79 conducted its annual Toastmasters contest. It was a long day where champions of 3 areas (23, 51 and 71) competed in 4 English and 4 Arabic Contests. That, however, did not prevent Saihat Toastmasters Club champions from pursuing their glowing journey.

The long hours of speech preparations, rehearsals and revisions rewarded our champions with the contest trophies in all 4 categories. These champions are:

  • TM Mohammed Alzayer (International and Table Topics)
  • TM Ahmed Alhadab (International)
  • TM Hussain Alnasser (Evaluation)
  • TM Mustafa Alkhalaf (Table Topics)
  • TM Naser Alsaihati (Humorous)

The program started with the English Evaluation Speech Contest where 4 contestants enthusiastically delivered their evaluations. TM Hussain Alnasser shook the stage with his high level of Toastmasters Speech Delivery techniques. He intelligently demonstrated his commendations and recommendations like a carefully painted artwork.

After the Arabic Evaluation Speech Contest, the program proceeded with the English Table Topics Contest. The contest question was: “If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach? and why?”

TM Mohammed Alzayer answered the question by choosing “Manner” as the subject of his choice. Not only did he answer the question with confidence, but also made sure to instantly give a lesson to his son who was watching him with the audience. TM Mustafa Alkhalaf selected “Breathing” as the subject he is interested to teach. He was knowledgable in the subject and seemed very convincing. This contest had 4 contestants as well.

The English International Speech Contest proceeded the Arabic Table Topics Contest. TM Mohammed Alzayer delivered a speech titled “Carlos” where he talked about the importance of following your passion. He recognized DTM Mohammed Zawad influence on him and how it helped him influence others. TM Ahmad Alhadab delivered a speech titled “Superman”. He shared his fatherhood experience and his son’s admiration of superheroes. A total of 4 contestants competed in this category.

TM Naser Alsaihati competed in the Humorous Speech Contest with 2 contestants. He captivated the audience with his light presence, happy spirit and funny jokes. His facial expressions and dialogues lifted up the level of his speech, too.

The champions of Saihat Toastmasters Club did not settle for competing. They also demonstrated their leadership throughout the contest. TM Wesam Alnasr was the English Contest Chair and TM Mohammed Khazzal was one of the very active Sergeant-At-Arms and significantly contributed to the success of the event organization.

Finally, the time to announce the winners. The stage was excitingly dancing. Every contest master was given the opportunity to announce his contest results. And here are the results:

  • Evaluation Speech Contest: TM Hussain Alnasser, 1st place winner.
  • Table Topics Speech Contest: TM Mohammed Alzayer, 1st place winner.
  • Humorous Speech Contest: TM Naser Alsaihati, 1st place winner.
  • International Speech Contest: TM Ahmad Alhadab, 2nd place winner.

It was a huge success to all champions who reached this level. And another success to the ones who will fly to Riyadh to compete there in SATAC 2017 (May 18, 2017). The first place winners (TM Hussain Alnasser, TM Mohammed Alzayer and TM Naser Alsaihati) will be representing Saihat Toastmasters Club, Area 51 and Division Q in SATAC 2017.

In Saihat Toastmasters Club, the champions are truly made… 🙂  Stay tune for the results of SATAC 2017.


A Special Meeting with “I Found Mine”!

February 8, 2017 witnessed a special day not only for Saihat Toastmasters Club, but also for DTM Mohammed Zawad, the founder and father of the club. DTM Zawad invited Khaleej Sports Club president, Mr. Fawzi Basha, and presented him with his newly and first published book “I Found Mine”.

Mr. Fawzi Basha, President of Khaleej Sports Club (center). DTM Mohammed Zawad, founder of Saihat Toastmasters Club (right). TM Mohammed Zayer, president of Saihat Toastmasters Club (left)

DTM Zawad stressed on the fact that Khaleej Sports Club has been the hosting venue for Saihat Toastmasters Club since it was chartered in 2012. The support that Khaleej Sports Club is providing Toastmasters Clubs with in the city is undeniable. Enriching the social and cultural activities in the society are pillars beside the sport activities that Khaleej Sports Club is contributing with to us.

Therefore, this initiative from DTM Zawad to Mr. Fawzi Basha is a small token of appreciation to both Mr. Basha and to Khaleej Sports Club. Saihat Toastmasters Club also seizes this opportunity to express its deepest gratitude to Hasan Hilal Center of Media (Khaleej Sports Club Media Group) for its continuous support to Toastmasters Activities in Saihat.

The meeting agenda also included two more valuable segments. DTM Mohammed Zawad presented the new Toastmasters Pathway Program which will certainly improve the members development experience in both communication and leadership. The second segment was a Speech Writing workshop by TM Ahmed Dawrish. In the workshop, TM Darwish shared his experience in speech writing through a learning by doing setting.

The meeting was concluded by inviting the new guests to the stage to introduce themselves and how they found the meeting.

DTM Zawad signing a copy of his book to TM Wesam Alnasr

Saihat Toastmasters Club Annual Contests, When Pride and Excitement Connect.

One of our duties in Saihat Toastmasters Club is to create a memorable experience out of every gathering we have. And the 6th of January, 2017 was one of those special unforgettable days where we carved the joyful and exciting moments in our wall of achievements.

In this day, we conducted our club annual contests with the participation of honourable guests and members. And to make the best out of the day, we had the contests conducted in a gorgeous resort, Al-Rayyan, instead of our regular meeting venue.

Not only did we celebrate our champions who will represent the club in the next levels, but also we proudly witnessed our members’ achievements in their educational programs.

TM Wesam Alnasr chaired the three contests in today’s event: International Speech, Speech Evaluation and Table Topics. And DTM Mohammed Zawad led the judges and functionaries as the contests’ chief judge.

After the contestants and functionaries have been briefed, the program started with the International Speech Contest. Three contestants competed in this category with amazing thoughtful messages. The musketeers in this contests were: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, TM Ahmad Alhadab and TM Mohammed Alzayer.

The Speech Evaluation Contest started after that with a distinguished speech from the target speaker, TM Mahmoud Alhamdan, from Daroosh Toastmasters Club. After that, 5 contestants gave their evaluation for that speech. In this category, our musketeers were: TM Hussain Alnasir, TM Ismail Salman, TM Jamal Alradhi, TM Mustafa Alkhalaf and TM Mohammed Alzayer.

After that, a 10-minute break was given to the guests and participants before proceeding with the program.

A bonus segment was added to the program before moving on to the last contest, the Table Topics. TM Nasser Alsaihati who will represent the club in the Humorous Speech Contest, the Area Level, delivered a hilarious speech to the audience.

After those few minutes of laughter, the contest chair proceeded with the Table Topics Contest. In this category, the 8 musketeers who competed were: TM Mohammed Khazaal, TM Naser Alsaihati, TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, TM Mohammed Alzayer, TM Hussain Alnasir, TM Murtadha Almohsen, TM Ismail Salman and TM Ali Majeed.

The winners’ names were immediately announced after the last contest and they were as follows:

In the Table Topics Contest, the winners were:

  • 1st Place: TM Mohammed Alzayer
  • 2nd Place: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf
  • 3rd Place: TM Ismail Salman

In the Speech Evaluation Contest, the winners were:

  • 1st Place: TM Hussain Alnasir
  • 2nd Place: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf
  • 3rd Place: TM Mohammed Alzayer


And in the International Speech Contest, the winners were:

  • 1st Place: TM Ahmad Alhadab
  • 2nd Place: TM Mohammed Alzayer
  • 3rd Place: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf

The 1st and 2nd place winners for each category will represent the club in the area level contests. We wish them all the best.

Finally, the contest chair, the club president and the chief judge invited the functionaries to the stage for trophies, gifts and certificates distribution.

A social gathering followed by lunch concluded this special day.


TM Ahmad Alhadab delivering his International Speech.
TM Mohammed Alzayer delivering his International Speech
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf delivering his International Speech.
Contest Chair, TM Wesam Alnasr.
Our youngest guest, Yazen AlMakhamel.
Contest Chair with the International Speech Contestants.
TM Mahmoud Alhamdan, the target speaker of the Speech Evaluation Contest.
TM Ismail Salman delivering his Speech Evaluation.
TM Jamal Alradhi delivering his Speech Evaluation.
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf delivering his Speech Evaluation.
TM Sayed Adnan, area 52 director in the center of photo.
Speech Evaluation Contestants.
TM Naser Alsaihati delivering his humorous speech to the audience.
TM Ali Majeed in his Table Topics contest participation.
Table Topics Contestants.
TM Ismail Salman, 3rd Place in Table Topics Contest.
TM Mohammed Alzayer, 3rd Place in Speech Evaluation Contest.
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, 2nd Place in Speech Evaluation Contest.

TM Hussain Alnasir, 1st Place in Evaluation Speech Contest.
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, 3rd Place in International Speech Contest.
TM Mohammed Alzayer, 2nd Place in International Speech Contest.
TM Ahmad Alhadab, 1st place in International Speech Contest.
TM Naser Alsaihat, the club humorous speech champion.
TM Walid Alfashkhi, Qatif Toastmasters Club president.
TM Wesam Alnasr, the contest chair.
DTM Mohammed Zawad, the chief judge.
Honoured functionaries.
Group Photo.

The Shawshank Redemption

I saw “The Shawshank Redemption” movie for the 4th or 5th time but it was so different for me since it was really my first time to have watched it as a toastmaster acting as a speech evaluator.
The movie is a long story about the power of hope and true lifelong friendship.
The movie’s ending message in the ending scene was so marvelous and magical voiced by the great Morgan Freeman:
” I find I’m so excited that I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel. A free man at a start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain.

I hope I can make it across the border…

I hope to see my friend and shake his hand…

I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams…

I hope.”


Continue reading “The Shawshank Redemption”

September 7, 2016 Meeting Highlights

Location: the pool view room in the second floor of Khaleej Sports Club.

Time: 7:45-9:45 pm

Saihat Toastmasters Club conducted its regular bi-weekly meeting last Wednesday. TM Ismail Salman was the Toastmaster of the day. His theme was: Toastmasters, for Who? The Grammarian, TM Ahmad Alhadab,  presented the word of the day “Attain”.

Two guests of honor were present in the meeting as well: TM Sayed Adnan, Area 51 Director, and the experienced toastmaster, TM Syed Faizulla,  who conducted an educational session from the Successful Club Series about the Club Moment of Truth.

Club president, TM Mohammed Zayer, starts the meeting and welcomes members and guests.
TMOD, TM Ismail Salman, energetically talks about the meeting theme.
Timer, TM Mohammed Khazzal, explains his role.
Grammarian, TM Ahmad Alhadab, explains his role.
TM Jamal Al-Radhi explains his role as an Ah/vote counter
TM Mohammed Zayer explains his GE role in the meeting

Prepared Speeches Segment:


TM Murtadha Abdulmohsen delivers his CC 2 of the competent communication manual
TM Mohammed Mubarak delivers his 1st project of the advanced manual, persuasive speeking.
TM Mohammed Mubarak (right) and TM Mohammed Hakeem (left) performing a role play for the advanced project.

Educational Session Segment:

Area 51 Director, TM Sayed Adnan, talks about the importance of the educational sessions for Toastmasters clubs
TM Syed Faizulla presents the Moment of Truth educational session of the successful club series.

Table Topics Segment:

TTM, TM Mustafa AlKhalaf, explains the table topics segment to members and guests.
TM Mahmoud Alsaif answers his table topics question
TM Sayed Adnan imitates the Hulk from the Avengers movie to answer his table topics question
TM Ahmad Alhadab listens to his table topics question from TM Mustafa AlKhalaf

Evaluation Session:

TM Ahmad Darwish evaluates TM Mohammed Mubarak project’s delivery
TM Ahmad Alhadab presents the Grammarian report
TM Hussain Alnasser, TTE, evaluates the Table topics participants delivery.
The Ah counter report by TM Jamal Al-Radhi

Announcing the Winners:

Best speaker is TM Murtadha Abdulmohsen
Best Table topics participant is TM Sayed Adnan
Best Evaluator is TM Hussain Alnasser

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Until next time, we wish you all the best.

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Club ExComm Meeting held 

Saihat Toastmasters Club ExComm with Wall Street English_Qatif Branch representative

Saihat Toastmasters Club conducted its ExComm Meeting tonight (August 29, 2016). Wall Street English_Qatif Branch,  thankfully,  hosted the meeting.  This step is made collaboratively between the club and the Wall Street English_Qatif Branch to strengthen the cooperation between both. It is worth mentioning that Saihat Toastmasters Club conducted one regular meeting in Wall Street English_Qatif Branch earlier this year before an audience of teachers and students there. It was a cherished experience for both entities.

Saihat Toastmasters Club is also willing to cooperate with the English institutes to spread the proper awareness about the complimenting role English Toastmasters have on the students who are on their English learning journey. 

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