A Special Meeting with “I Found Mine”!

February 8, 2017 witnessed a special day not only for Saihat Toastmasters Club, but also for DTM Mohammed Zawad, the founder and father of the club. DTM Zawad invited Khaleej Sports Club president, Mr. Fawzi Basha, and presented him with his newly and first published book “I Found Mine”.

Mr. Fawzi Basha, President of Khaleej Sports Club (center). DTM Mohammed Zawad, founder of Saihat Toastmasters Club (right). TM Mohammed Zayer, president of Saihat Toastmasters Club (left)

DTM Zawad stressed on the fact that Khaleej Sports Club has been the hosting venue for Saihat Toastmasters Club since it was chartered in 2012. The support that Khaleej Sports Club is providing Toastmasters Clubs with in the city is undeniable. Enriching the social and cultural activities in the society are pillars beside the sport activities that Khaleej Sports Club is contributing with to us.

Therefore, this initiative from DTM Zawad to Mr. Fawzi Basha is a small token of appreciation to both Mr. Basha and to Khaleej Sports Club. Saihat Toastmasters Club also seizes this opportunity to express its deepest gratitude to Hasan Hilal Center of Media (Khaleej Sports Club Media Group) for its continuous support to Toastmasters Activities in Saihat.

The meeting agenda also included two more valuable segments. DTM Mohammed Zawad presented the new Toastmasters Pathway Program which will certainly improve the members development experience in both communication and leadership. The second segment was a Speech Writing workshop by TM Ahmed Dawrish. In the workshop, TM Darwish shared his experience in speech writing through a learning by doing setting.

The meeting was concluded by inviting the new guests to the stage to introduce themselves and how they found the meeting.

DTM Zawad signing a copy of his book to TM Wesam Alnasr