Club ExComm Meeting held 

Saihat Toastmasters Club ExComm with Wall Street English_Qatif Branch representative

Saihat Toastmasters Club conducted its ExComm Meeting tonight (August 29, 2016). Wall Street English_Qatif Branch,  thankfully,  hosted the meeting.  This step is made collaboratively between the club and the Wall Street English_Qatif Branch to strengthen the cooperation between both. It is worth mentioning that Saihat Toastmasters Club conducted one regular meeting in Wall Street English_Qatif Branch earlier this year before an audience of teachers and students there. It was a cherished experience for both entities.

Saihat Toastmasters Club is also willing to cooperate with the English institutes to spread the proper awareness about the complimenting role English Toastmasters have on the students who are on their English learning journey. 

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