Saihat Toastmasters Club Annual Contests, When Pride and Excitement Connect.

One of our duties in Saihat Toastmasters Club is to create a memorable experience out of every gathering we have. And the 6th of January, 2017 was one of those special unforgettable days where we carved the joyful and exciting moments in our wall of achievements.

In this day, we conducted our club annual contests with the participation of honourable guests and members. And to make the best out of the day, we had the contests conducted in a gorgeous resort, Al-Rayyan, instead of our regular meeting venue.

Not only did we celebrate our champions who will represent the club in the next levels, but also we proudly witnessed our members’ achievements in their educational programs.

TM Wesam Alnasr chaired the three contests in today’s event: International Speech, Speech Evaluation and Table Topics. And DTM Mohammed Zawad led the judges and functionaries as the contests’ chief judge.

After the contestants and functionaries have been briefed, the program started with the International Speech Contest. Three contestants competed in this category with amazing thoughtful messages. The musketeers in this contests were: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, TM Ahmad Alhadab and TM Mohammed Alzayer.

The Speech Evaluation Contest started after that with a distinguished speech from the target speaker, TM Mahmoud Alhamdan, from Daroosh Toastmasters Club. After that, 5 contestants gave their evaluation for that speech. In this category, our musketeers were: TM Hussain Alnasir, TM Ismail Salman, TM Jamal Alradhi, TM Mustafa Alkhalaf and TM Mohammed Alzayer.

After that, a 10-minute break was given to the guests and participants before proceeding with the program.

A bonus segment was added to the program before moving on to the last contest, the Table Topics. TM Nasser Alsaihati who will represent the club in the Humorous Speech Contest, the Area Level, delivered a hilarious speech to the audience.

After those few minutes of laughter, the contest chair proceeded with the Table Topics Contest. In this category, the 8 musketeers who competed were: TM Mohammed Khazaal, TM Naser Alsaihati, TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, TM Mohammed Alzayer, TM Hussain Alnasir, TM Murtadha Almohsen, TM Ismail Salman and TM Ali Majeed.

The winners’ names were immediately announced after the last contest and they were as follows:

In the Table Topics Contest, the winners were:

  • 1st Place: TM Mohammed Alzayer
  • 2nd Place: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf
  • 3rd Place: TM Ismail Salman

In the Speech Evaluation Contest, the winners were:

  • 1st Place: TM Hussain Alnasir
  • 2nd Place: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf
  • 3rd Place: TM Mohammed Alzayer


And in the International Speech Contest, the winners were:

  • 1st Place: TM Ahmad Alhadab
  • 2nd Place: TM Mohammed Alzayer
  • 3rd Place: TM Mustafa Alkhalaf

The 1st and 2nd place winners for each category will represent the club in the area level contests. We wish them all the best.

Finally, the contest chair, the club president and the chief judge invited the functionaries to the stage for trophies, gifts and certificates distribution.

A social gathering followed by lunch concluded this special day.


TM Ahmad Alhadab delivering his International Speech.
TM Mohammed Alzayer delivering his International Speech
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf delivering his International Speech.
Contest Chair, TM Wesam Alnasr.
Our youngest guest, Yazen AlMakhamel.
Contest Chair with the International Speech Contestants.
TM Mahmoud Alhamdan, the target speaker of the Speech Evaluation Contest.
TM Ismail Salman delivering his Speech Evaluation.
TM Jamal Alradhi delivering his Speech Evaluation.
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf delivering his Speech Evaluation.
TM Sayed Adnan, area 52 director in the center of photo.
Speech Evaluation Contestants.
TM Naser Alsaihati delivering his humorous speech to the audience.
TM Ali Majeed in his Table Topics contest participation.
Table Topics Contestants.
TM Ismail Salman, 3rd Place in Table Topics Contest.
TM Mohammed Alzayer, 3rd Place in Speech Evaluation Contest.
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, 2nd Place in Speech Evaluation Contest.

TM Hussain Alnasir, 1st Place in Evaluation Speech Contest.
TM Mustafa Alkhalaf, 3rd Place in International Speech Contest.
TM Mohammed Alzayer, 2nd Place in International Speech Contest.
TM Ahmad Alhadab, 1st place in International Speech Contest.
TM Naser Alsaihat, the club humorous speech champion.
TM Walid Alfashkhi, Qatif Toastmasters Club president.
TM Wesam Alnasr, the contest chair.
DTM Mohammed Zawad, the chief judge.
Honoured functionaries.
Group Photo.